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IGN: SaucyAndy
by SaucyAndy » 9 months ago

This guide is ment to help the newest of players, or the "pro" players that skip the intro tutorials in games.
What this means is that it was created with the "quick" aspect in mind. Its a read of under 10minutes  & covers on alot of ground on the custom features that Spectral provides. 

Staff is constantly monitoring the chat & we hear you guys on questions that you may have, after reading this guide, I guarantee you 80% of any questions you may have will be answered. We also will be frequently updating it, so taking a peek every month or so after first reading it isn't so bad either!

HUGE thank you to Yara for creating, co-editing, formatting, & researching info for the guide! It's thanks to her we will have less noobs 😅 in our community. 

Link to the guide:

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